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Updated: 2005-03-14 14:32

F4 holds "World Exhibition" in Tokyo


F4 holds "World Exhibition" in Tokyo

Taiwan singing group F4 became popular in Japan because of their roles in the youth idol TV drama "Meteor Garden". The 18-day "Meteor Garden F4 World Exhibition" starts from March 11th to 28th at Tokyo Se Gu Parco Museum.

The exhibition will showcase the photos, properties and costumes from their popular TV series, including "Meteor Garden", "Poor Prince" and "Mars".

Although the exhibition hasn't started yet, the huge portrait, which was made by the organizer to do some promotions for the expo, has become the place for the crazy fans to worship F4.

Many F4 fans especially went to admire it and slogans were also written on the posters "F4, wild and loved by everyone, is finally coming!".

F4's latest album "Can't Lose You" will also be releasing in Japan on March 24th. 




showcase: to display prominently, especially to advantage.(展示,突出地展示,尤指为获取利益)

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