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Zhou Xun's new album on sale
(Shenzhen Daily)
Updated: 2005-03-07 09:18

The new album by Zhou Xun, an actress-turned-singer from the Chinese mainland, has had a successful debut, with orders rocketing to 300,000.

A copy of cover of Zhou Xun's latest album "Come Across" [baidu]

"Come Across" which took Zhou two years to complete, is Zhou's second album. The new album shows Zhou's gratitude toward life, her fans and her boyfriend.

On the album, Zhou expresses her love for her boyfriend Li Daqi, an image designer from Taiwan, with a song entitled with his given name.

Zhou used a picture of herself without any makeup for the cover of the album, which was reportedly a suggestion from Li.

It was a very bold decision, as most singers would twist their brains for special images on album covers. This was also an expression of her frank confrontation to any rumors or disputes against her.

The new album has a dance remix of Happy Garden, a popular song included in Zhou's previous album, Summer. The album also includes some pictures Zhou took on her world tour last year as well as an essay she wrote.

The album went on sale Sunday and will be formally released Tuesday.

Zhou Xun's new album on sale
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