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Blogosphere a new spiritual home for urban youths
Updated: 2005-03-04 15:47

Quietly, from office to office, community to community, and by word of mouth, blogging has spread to China's urban youth.

Chinese mainland Internet veteran Fang Xingdong [baidu]
Nowadays, it is not uncommon to hear young city-dwellers greet each other with the questions: Are you a Blogger? and What did you Blog today?

The blogosphere is a new spiritual home for urban youth. It is a private teahouse where they can chat with and learn from their peers.

In December of 2002, Blog made its low-key enterance into China.

According to conservative estimates, the number of bloggers in China exceeded 1 million by the end of 2004.

Blogging has become a rapidly spreading underground fad. Even some fast deteriorating Bulletin Board System (BBS) have hastily added simple Blog functions.

Bloggers can decide what content is public and what remains private through a simple setting, permitting open communication with friends and the security to keep a personal diary.

According to Wang Junxiu, President of Blog China, Blogs are the combination of a public BBS and a private website.

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