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CPPCC member calls for law to protect interests of servicemen
Updated: 2005-03-04 11:49

A member of China's top advisory body from the military Friday called for the formulation of a law to protect the interests and benefits of servicemen.

As China's rapid economic development has resulted in changes among various interest groups, some new problems concerning the rights and interests of servicemen should be resolved without delay, thus a law is needed, said Li Guo'an, former vice commander of the Inner Mongolia Military Area Command.

Li is here attending the annual session of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC). He said these problems that may distract soldiers from performing their duties include the treatment relatives of compulsory servicemen are entitled to enjoy and the special care and preferential treatment given to families and relatives of servicemen, martyrs and wounded and disabled soldiers.

"Soldiers are engaged in a special career which they sometimes have to contribute their lives and blood to. That is why they need special protection and this is what many countries in the world do in common," said Li, citing the examples of the United States, Russia, France and Britain.

The time is ripe for formulating a law to protect the interests of servicemen, since China has made great progress in building its legal system over the past years, Li added.

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