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Abusive phone calls...for a price
Updated: 2005-02-25 10:41

A company is offering to shout abuse at people you don't like, charging up to 200 yuan for the service.

The company in Shenyang City in Northeast China's Liaoning Province was probably inspired by Internet games where players abuse their opponents, Xinhua News Agency reported Thursday.

Services offered by the company include abuse by telephone, QQ, posters, and e-mails, said the company's advertisement published online. It also promised "dirty words, reasonable fees and sweet revenge."

The company charges 80 yuan (US$10) a day for telephone abuse, 10 yuan a day for QQ abuse, 200 yuan for an abusive poster, and 10 yuan a day to send abusive e-mails.

A man surnamed Han reported a verbal attack by an employee of the company. At about 9 a.m. Feb. 19, the telephone at his home rang. He picked up the telephone.

"Is that Mr. Han's home? Is Mr. Han at home?"

"This is Han, and you areĦ­" The caller hung up before Han could finish speaking.

After about 10 minutes, the phone rang again. Han picked up the phone. This time before he could say anything, he was overwhelmed by abuse with foul language.

Han hung up, but in less than five minutes, the phone rang again, and abuse filled his ears as soon as he picked up the phone.

"Who are yo? Have I ever offended you?" Han shouted angrily.

"We did not have a row, but someone hired me to rail you!" said the caller, who continued the abuse after the explanation.

"Professional railers could bring great harm to society," said Zhang Sining, with the Liaoning Academy of Social Sciences.

"Victims would suffer great psychological pressure and frequently suspect others," said Zhang.

A lawyer said the actions of the company were against the law. However, it was difficult to trace the company, because its advertisement appeared only on the Internet.

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