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Kidnapped child rescued in Shanghai
Updated: 2005-02-24 18:21

Police arrested a man who kidnapped a primary school student at knifepoint at a Shanghai school yesterday morning.

One police officer was slightly injured during the arrest, suffering a slight stab wound. The student held hostage was safe and reunited with his mother after the incident.

A Chinese police officer rescues a kidnapped child from an unidentified armed man at a primary school in Shanghai, February 24, 2005. The child was rescued after being held hostage for two hours. The hostage taker has been arrested. A series of attacks on children last year shocked the country and aroused school safety concerns. [newsphoto]

She had been waiting outside the campus.

Officers said the grateful boy kept repeating the words: Thank you, police uncles.

The suspect, a migrant worker from Central China's Henan Province, had attempted a break-in at nearby residences in the Putuo District.

The hostage taker is taken away by the police. [newsphoto]

He fled from the residential area, broke into the neighbouring Jiangning Primary School, and took a grade-one boy hostage using a knife. At the time of the incident, all of the classes except the boy's were not in session.

Police first heard the news from a report to their crime hotline at about 10:30 am.

The Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau sent more than 30 police officers into the school building and arranged five snipers on surrounding buildings.

Mother of the child waits for news of her child. [newsphoto]

Wu Zhiming, director of the public security bureau, arrived at the scene to command the operation himself.

An officer who participated in the rescue said police tried to negotiate with the kidnapper, but failed.

Two officers finally rushed into the classroom as the boy decided to struggle with the kidnapper, and subdued the robber. One went directly for the kidnapper and another grabbed the child, safely rescuing him.

The officer who grabbed the assailant was stabbed, and treated at a local hospital for minor injuries.

Officials said the school resumed normal operations later in the afternoon.

Police special agents burst into the classroom where the abducted student was kept. [newsphoto]  

Armed Police make preparations after arrival. [newsphoto]