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Updated: 2005-02-22 10:23
Queen drops French for the menus at IOC banquet

英国女王发动“餐桌”申奥战 传统法文菜单无影无踪

Queen drops French for the menus at IOC banquet


It was a small gesture, but a pointed one, and designed to underscore the Queen's staunch support for London's Olympic bid.

As members of the International Olympic Committee attended a banquet last night, Buckingham Palace abandoned tradition to present each with a menu card written not in French, but English.

For as long as anyone can remember menus at the Queen's official banquets have been written in French, generally regarded as the international language of cuisine.

But, as three generations of the Royal Family and the Prime Minister joined sporting stars and dignitaries in the State Dining Room alongside the IOC's Evaluation Commission, there, in plain English, were the menus.

With Paris one of four cities vying for the 2012 games alongside London, there were no doubts as to where the Queen's sentiments lay. She even banned French wines from the menu, replacing pre-prandial champagne with Nyetimber 1995, an English sparkling wine, and choosing Commonwealth wines from Australia and New Zealand to accompany the meal.

"It probably is the first time menus for such an occasion have not been in French," admitted one Palace aide. "It is very unusual. But, it is the British Olympic bid, and we wanted to showcase Britain, not France."

Footmen each wore lapel pins bearing the London 2012 logo.

The IOC guests were driven in a fleet of taxis to the Palace, which had been floodlit for the occasion, and through the Grand Entrance lit by burning torches.

They were greeted by the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh in the White Drawing Room after being presented by the Princess Royal, who was a member of the British equestrian team at the Montreal Games in 1976 and has been a member of the IOC since 1988. Her daughter, Zara Phillips, who was shortlisted for the 2004 Olympics but ruled out when her horse was injured, was also present.

The dinner, attended by 46, was the highlight of London's presentation to the IOC delegates, who arrived on Tuesday and now head off to assess Paris's chances. 














staunch: firm and steadfast; true(坚定可靠的;真实的)

pre-prandial: 正餐前的

floodlit: 泛光灯照明的


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· Queen drops French for the menus at IOC banquet
英国女王发动“餐桌”申奥战 传统法文菜单无影无踪
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