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HK's wishing tree overburdened with too many wishes
Updated: 2005-02-13 16:53

The weight of expectations during the Chinese Lunar New Year seemed too much for the Hong Kong's famous wishing tree that the main branch of the tree was broken on Saturday.

The main branch of HK's famous wishing tree snapped as it was overloaded with too many wish leaflets attached to oranges. [baidu]
The tree near Taipo is said to make dreams come true if you can throw your wish, written on a piece of red and gold paper and attached to an orange, into its branches.

Overburdened with oranges and wishes, the eight-meter main branch of the tree snapped off on Saturday, injuring a 62-year-old man and a 4-year-old boy, according to the Sunday Morning Post.

The injured suffered head wounds and were treated at a hospital, a police spokesman said.

Despite the accident, others seeking good fortune were undeterred and continued to throw their oranges onto other branches of the tree.

Staff from Hong Kong's Food and Environment Hygiene Department cleared the oranges from the tree after the accident. The broken branch was cut into pieces and removed from the scene.

Hong Kong people seem to have never lost faith in the good luck bestowed by the tree, whose legend has survived more than 100 years and is based on the story of a father who had his wish granted that his son become a brilliant scholar.

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