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Minister writes poem for tsunami victims
(China Daily)
Updated: 2005-01-05 01:14

Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing, a man of letters, has co-authored a poem with Wang Hongliu from the heart about the victims of the tsunami disaster and the future.

Nature cried
In the wrath of waves,
Flowers, withered,
Fell to the fathomless sea,
The injured seagull
Wailing to the sky.
Sleep well, my friends!
We, distant in China,
Cherish for you a memory.

We, the living,
Are members of your family.
Our heart is with you,
You are always in our mind
Standing as one, we are strong in unity
Bonded in friendship, we can overcome any difficulty.
Let's rebuild our homeland,
And a life brand new for all.
Hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder,
We stand with your family and your country.
We are one!

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