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China not to adopt dual nationality
Updated: 2004-12-31 16:22

An official with China's Ministry of Science and Technology said Friday that media misquoted a vice minister of science and technology on the issue of dual nationality.

The vice minister did not say China is planning to create a dual nationality in order to attract talented scientists with foreign nationalities, the official noted.

The country is allowing foreign nationals to have permanent residence rights through issuing "green cards," acknowledged the official. But he didn't touch on possibility of any revisions for the current Nationality Law.

The vice minister said at a recent meeting with scientists working overseas that some nations, such as India and Finland, adopt dual nationality policy to draw foreign brains. But the vice minister did not say China was considering a similar practice.

The ministry is now thinking of allowing scientists with foreign nationalities to join the state science and technology research and development programs. This includes the national basic research project and the state hi-tech research and development project, the official said.

Mandated by the State Council, or the Chinese central government, the ministry is responsible for outlining state strategies and policies for scientific and technological advancement as well as co-ordinating state science and technology projects.

While the ministry could suggest policy proposals on research human resources, the Ministry of Public Security is held responsible for nationality affairs of Chinese nationals. The National People's Congress or its Standing Committee, China's legislature, has the right to revise the nationality law.

The current law regulates that "the People's Republic of China does not recognize dual nationality for Chinese national.

"Any person who applies for naturalization as a Chinese national shall acquire Chinese nationality upon approval of his application," the law said, "a person whose application for naturalization as a Chinese national has been approved shall not retain foreign nationality."

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