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Japan's misdeeds undermine ties with China
Updated: 2004-12-24 17:34

Japan's recent issue of an entry visa to Lee Teng-hui has not only sent a wrong signal to the "Taiwan independence" force, but also severely undermined the Sino-Japanese relations.

In addition, it shows very clearly that the Japanese governmenthas connived with the "Taiwan independence" force and does not want to see China realize its reunification.

Lee is the chief representative of the radical force for "Taiwan independence" on Taiwan Island and a destroyer to the relations across the Taiwan Strait and regional stability.

However, under the cover of regarding Lee as an ordinary person,the Japanese government claimed that there was "no reason" to reject Lee's visa application.

"The Chinese government expressed strong dissatisfaction and again demanded the Japanese side rectify this wrong," spokesman Liu Jianchao of the Chinese Foreign Ministry said recently.

The political aim of Lee's tour is obviously to find people to back his bid for "Taiwan independence" and create external conditions for his separatism, he added, noting that Japan is fully aware of this.

China does not accept Japan's claim of supporting the one-Chinapolicy on the one hand and appearing to sanction Taiwan separatismon the other. Japan's issuing visa to Lee is a severe political affair and violates the basic principles contained in the agreements signed between China and Japan.

The wrongdoing is also a challenge to China's reunification cause and has impaired the Sino-Japanese ties.

Meanwhile, the four consecutive visits to the Yasukuni Shrine by incumbent Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi since he came to power in 2001 have affected the relations between China and Japan.

China is willing to develop good-neighborliness with Japan. Butthe Japanese leadership has been making troubles to hurt Chinese people, while claiming that it attaches great importance to the relations with China and that China's development is not a threat to Japan but an opportunity. Granting Lee an entry visa is a case in point.

To develop the mutually beneficial Sino-Japanese relations could bring a win-win outcome. The fast development of China's economy has helped the Japanese economy recover and provided a huge market for Japanese enterprises. The economic cooperation between the two countries is conducive to their basic interests.

But the recent misdeeds of the Japanese government have shaken the political basis of the relations between the two countries, which will have a negative impact on their economic cooperation.

Efforts from both China and Japan are needed to improve their bilateral relations. If Japan remains intransigent on the issue, it will have to bear all the consequences.

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