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Zhao Wei accused of beating pregnant woman
(Shenzhen Daily)
Updated: 2004-12-21 09:00

Zou Xue, a woman who was allegedly beaten by famous actress Zhao Wei, had filed a suit against the movie star, a Nanjing-based newspaper said.

Zhao Wei rose to fame overnight by playing the TV sitcom "Returned Pearl princess." [sohu]
Zou claimed she and the actress had a business dispute. That was why Zhao and her chauffeur hit Zou in public July 28, when she was eight months pregnant.

Zou asked for 2,246.6 yuan (US$272) compensation for medical fees and time off work. She further demanded a public apology from her two alleged assailants.

According to Zheng Jun, Zou's lawyer, the incident happened three months ago and the court hearing will be held early next year.

While the actress denies personally hitting Zou, the case has been approved by the court. Zheng explained that as it was clearly stated in the lawsuit, Zhao had instructed her chauffeur to beat Zou.

However, Zheng refused to give further explanation and said everything would be clarified in court.

Chen Rong, Zhao WeiĄ¯s sister-in-law, said they had not received the court summons, but added that the lawsuit would be to Zhao's advantage, because the actress would be able to use the hearing to make things clear and brush aside media speculation.

Asked about Zhao Wei's opinion on the lawsuit, Chen said:"Zhao Wei doesn't want to get involved in the fuss. And those wild accusations are not worth responding to."

Zhao is working on the film Moment in Beijing at the moment. She has been silent about the lawsuit and was not answering calls. She will be represented by her lawyer in court.

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