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China concerns Japan's defense overhaul
Updated: 2004-12-10 00:37

China on Friday expressed "deep concern" with Japan's overhaul of its defense policy.

"We are deeply concerned with the great changes of Japan's military defense strategy and its possible impact," China's Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhang Qiyue said.

The Japanese government on Friday approved a new edition of the National Defense Program Outline which features more proactive use of force and deeper involvement of the self-defense-oriented troops in international affairs.

The new outline also said Japan will continue to watch China's moves in military modernization and marine activities.

When asked to make a comment, Zhang said due to historic reasons, Japan's military and security moves are sensitive issues.

She said China hopes the Japanese side will take its Asian neighbors' concern into full consideration and keep following the path of peace and development.

She also urged Japan to take prudent actions in military and security issues to maintain the peace and development of the region.

Meanwhile, Zhang expressed China's "strong dissatisfaction" to the Japanese government, which described China as a potential threat in its official document. "This is totally groundless and extremely irresponsible," she said.

She said China hopes Japan would do more things that could help promote mutual trust and maintain healthy and stable development of the bilateral ties.

The outline, dating back to 1976, stipulates Japan's basic defense policies. It was revised in 1995 following the end of the Cold War.

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