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Oil leaks after ships collided near Shenzhen
Updated: 2004-12-09 01:12

Two container ships, registered at Panama and Germany, collided at 9:35 p.m. Tuesday at the sea area close to the mouth of the Pearl River in south China, causing heavy oil to leak from the oil tank of one of the ships.

Oil leaks from an oil tanker ship that collided with another ship at the sea close to the mouth of the Pearl River in South China, December 8, 2004. [Guangzhou Daily]

There is no danger of sinking, and no injuries reported, according to sources from the Ministry of Communication here Wednesday.

According to the ministry, the Panama ship, the Hyundai Advance, was proceeding from south China's Shenzhen Port to Singapore, while the German ship, the MSC Ilona, was headed from Shenzhen to Shanghai. After the collision, a fuel storehouse of the MSC Ilona was broken and leaked heavy oil.

At present, the heavy oil has polluted a sea area 17 kilometers long and 20 to 200 meters wide.

Oil leaks from an oil tank of a container ship that collided with another container ship at the sea close to the mouth of the Pearl River in South China, December 8, 2004. [Guangzhou Daily]

Eight decontaminating ships from south China's Guangdong Province have arrived at the spot to deal with the leaking oil. Divers have been sent to plug the leak.

The ministry held an emergency meeting last night and set up a leading group, headed by Vice Minister of Communication Xu Zuyuan. The leading group urged local rescue and wrecking departments to do their best to prevent more sea areas from being polluted.

More decontaminating ships from Guangzhou and Shanghai are on their way to the spot and will arrive tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. A rescue plane from the first rescue fleet of South China Sea awaited orders.

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