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Dual nationality called among overseas Chinese
(Agencies/Shenzhen Daily)
Updated: 2004-12-08 11:16

Many overseas Chinese are calling for dual nationality so that they can keep their Chinese citizenship while obtaining a foreign one.

Yu Min, a Chinese citizen who immigrated to Canada along with family eight years ago, finds it quite inconvenient without dual nationality.

Yu did not apply for Canadian citizenship because he often returns to China on business. However, his wife and son have obtained Canadian citizenship.

If Yu wanted to bring his family back to China, his son and wife would face restrictions going to school or landing a job, the Shenzhen Evening News reported.

The number of overseas Chinese is increasing greatly since the reform and opening-up starting from 1970s. Nearly 300,000 Chinese have immigrated to Canada since the 1990s.

Most of the overseas Chinese wanted to keep their Chinese citizenship, said the report.

The paper cited an online survey conducted by the North Chinese Community of Canada showing that 92 percent of the polled Chinese immigrants wanted China to allow dual nationality.

"Canada attracted a lot of intellectuals from other countries by embracing different cultures. Allowing dual nationality has helped the country to attract intellectuals," said a Chinese-Canadian professor surnamed Zhong.

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