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53 killed when Eastern Airlines plane crashes
Updated: 2004-11-21 11:17

All 47 passengers and six crew members aboard a China Eastern Airlines plane flying from North China's Baotou city to Shanghai were killed, when the plane crashed moments after take-off.

Local officials in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region rushed to the scene where the debris of the small plane were scattered, and smoke still billowing from the crash site, eye-witnesses said.

The Flight Mu5210, a CRJ200 turbo plane, belongs to Eastern Airlines¡¯ Yunnan branch, airlines officials said.

At this stage, they don¡¯t know why the plane nosedived immediately after take-off from Baotou and crashed into a nearby park. It is not known whether any people on the ground were hurt.

China's air authorities said they will carry out an investigation into the crash.

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