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China to issue rules of trade barrier investigation
Updated: 2004-11-19 16:06

China is expected to enforce a set of revised rules on the investigation of trade barriers beginning January 1, in order to better protect its own trade interests.

An official with the fair trade bureau of the Ministry of Commerce said the rules aim to prevent other countries from setting import barriers.

He said the rules, based on provisional rules enforced since November 1, 2002, aims to conform with the rules of the World Trade Organization. It enhances protection of the interests of the applicants of investigation cases.

China launched an investigation of Japan's trade barriers established over imports of laver, a kind of vegetable, from China from April to October this year. This is the first trade barrier investigation ever launched by China.

Experts predict more such investigations will be launched in the future after the new rules take effect, ushering China into a new period of active defense in trade.

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