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Harmful chemical found in calcium tablets
By Wang Ying (China Daily)
Updated: 2004-11-18 22:35

A harmful chemical remnant, hydrogen peroxide, was reportedly found in calcium tablets produced by Beijing-based Juneng New Technology Co.

Hydrogen peroxide is reportedly found in calcium tablets produced by Beijing-based Juneng New Technology Co. [newsphoto]

The tablet producer said Thursday it may be a vicious plot to taint the company's reputation.

Henan Commercial News reports that the calcium tablets produced by Juneng Co contain a large amount of hydrogen peroxide remnant which may cause cancer.

The newspaper said they received tips from readers in mid October and bought seven bottles of different types of calcium health care products made by the company to undergo testing at the Agricultural Products Quality Supervision Centre under the Ministry of Agriculture.

Reports from the centre show four types of the calcium products contained hydrogen peroxide remnant.

Juneng Co made an announcement Thursday that the production and sales of their calcium products have been approved by State health authorities and the products have passed safety test.

The announcement said the reports by Henan Commercial News were derelict in truth and the company will defend its reputation through future legal measures .

Officials with the State Drug and Food Administration said they are preparing to investigate the case, the Beijing Times reports.

On Wednesday, the newspaper quoted Zhang Xingyuan, the general manager of Tianjin Juneng Chemistry, a subsidiary of Juneng Co, saying Juneng calcium products did indeed use hydrogen peroxide as a raw material but the products passed toxin checks conducted by State health authorities.

Hydrogen peroxide is reportedly found in calcium tablets produced by Beijing-based Juneng New Technology Co. [newsphoto]

Zhang said the major ingredient of Juneng calcium products contains L-threonate, a chemical agent, which is made from certain raw materials including hydrogen peroxide.

"Ingestion of small amounts of hydrogen peroxide will not damage human health," Zhang told the Beijing Times.

Hydrogen peroxide is one of the most powerful oxidizers commonly used for the treatment of water, waste water and hazardous wastes.

Long-time exposure to excess hydrogen peroxide will harm the human body, causing ulcers, vomiting and may even lead to types of cancer, medical experts said.

The State food additive standards strictly confine the application of hydrogen peroxide to food and prohibit any remnant in food products.

State food additive standards generally stipulate that hydrogen peroxide can only be used in the disinfection of raw milk and dry soybean curd products.

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