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Survey: Shanghai men make lousy workers
Updated: 2004-11-16 09:05

Shanghai men are arrogant and do more talking on the job than actual work, unlike migrant men in the city who are hardworking and diligent, a recent survey suggests.

Zhaopin.com, one of the country's leading Web-based headhunters, surveyed 1,284 male office workers - including 496 Shanghai natives and 788 from other cities - about their career performance, job category and salaries.

Nearly 39 percent of people surveyed said their male colleagues from Shanghai are arrogant, like to give indiscrete criticism and desire to manipulate others.

Only 9 percent of respondents had similar criticisms about their migrant male colleagues.

About 48 percent of them said that migrant male employees are harder workers and more duty-bounded than local men.

Meanwhile, one-third of people asked said that local male employees often complain the minute they become frustrated with their work.

Only 4 percent of respondents, however, said the same thing about migrant males who leave a general impression of being hard working and never complaining to others, the survey reported.

Due to the negative impression, only 10 percent of respondents said that they are willing to partner with a Shanghai-native male colleague. But 46 percent of them would choose to cooperate with their migrant counterparts.

"Native male workers are shrewd as a whole," said Wang Qiuhan, a local business manager. "Sometimes they are too shrewd to partner with or manage."

Many of those surveyed said local men arrive at the office at 9am sharp and are among the earliest to head home. It is almost impossible to get them to work overtime voluntarily.

However, many migrant male workers are still in the office long after regular hours, Wang said.

Liu hao, CEO at Zhaopin.com, said that's because migrant workers face more pressure to get a good job in the city. But native men don't.

The survey also indicated 25 percent of migrant males have a sales job in the city, making sales the first choice for them.

The survey found that salaries don't differ much between local and migrant men. Most of them earn 40,000 yuan (US$4,819) to 60,000 yuan on average each year.

But 73 percent of those surveyed said that migrant men employees perform much better than their local counterparts at work.

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