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Drought in south China causes great losses
Updated: 2004-11-12 22:25

A prolonged drought has ravagedsouth China region, causing a drinking water shortage and enormous economic losses, said Wang Shucheng, minister of the WaterResources Ministry.

 According to statistics from the State Flood Control andDrought Relief Headquarters (SFDH), the ongoing dry spell hasdamaged about 3.6 million hectares farmland in south China,threatening 7.1 million people and 3.99 million livestock withshortages of drinking water.

The Guangxi Autonomous Region and Guangdong and Hainanprovinces have already taken measures to limit water supplies toconserve water, officials said.

Guangxi estimates 510,000 tons reduction of grain output, withnearly 2.1 billion yuan (254 million US dollars) directagricultural loss. Jiangxi Province has 20,000 hectares ofaquafarm hit by the drought, losing 450 million yuan (54 millionUS dollars) in that sector.

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