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A Chinese has 19.3 sex partners, on average: Durex
Updated: 2004-11-11 11:20

Durex 2004 Global Sex Survey showed the Chinese have the most per capita sexual partners as 19.3, while with the most gloomy sex ardour.

Each Chinese has on average 19.3 partners toping the sex league table where an worldwide average number is just 10.5, according to the world's biggest condom maker, Durex.

It makes one doubt how the Chinese possess so affluent partners while with world low sex drive, ranked the last seven in the world, also revealed the Durex survey.

The condom maker dismisses suggestions that the survey samples may be unrepresentative or that some cultures could be prone to exaggeration, saying confidential Web polling encourages honesty.

Some experts say the survey clearly points to a lagging sex rate in parts of Asia, although they don't believe a simple lack of interest in love-making is to blame.

"We can assume quite a bit of truth or reliability in the findings," said sex therapy specialist Professor Man-Lun Ng of Hong Kong University's psychiatry department, who noted the results agree with other studies of Asian sexuality. "But less sexual intercourse does not necessarily mean lower libido."

With regard to the shocking number "19.3," Durex has its own explanation, that is the survey was conducted through the Internet.

A convenient edge of Internet survey is its anonymity, which enables privacy-concerning sex survey to get better cooperation than those done in reality. However, the anonymity also causes those surveyed to be answering very casually.

In China, netizens do not take a representative proportion among the total population. Plus, some netizens treated the survey irresponsibly or even maliciously. There came the "19.3", which, though added up, is far from the fact.

Admittedly, extramarital affairs and those before marriage in China are on the rise as the Chinese people have been influenced by the Western sex liberation concept and liberated from the traditional ethical code.

However, it must be scaring if the number of partners of the Chinese is at the world's top. The fact is, in the eyes of Westerners, China after the opening-up has still not realized sexual liberation.

Chinese view on sex arouses introspection among Westerners. Just not long ago, Western scientists praised Chinese traditional view on marriage, reckoning that prudent and responsible conception on family and marriage, and keeping loyal to sex, are conducive to preventing AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome) from spreading and is worthwhile for people in the western world to learn.

Isn't it contradicting when Durex placed the Chinese people atop the world's rankings on sexual partners?

Increasing partners is not a tendency worth optimism. However, it is not necessary to curb such an unhealthy phenomenon through exaggerating the statistics. In fact, every thing can be clear if we know what Durex is.

Durex, the world's most well-known condom producer, "has always been caring the health of the masses and dedicated to public benefit". That is why there has been the so-called largest-ever survey on sex.

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