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Sperm storage clinic finds niche market
Updated: 2004-11-04 09:07

Shanghai Wenzhong Clinic said yesterday that two men have applied to store their precious sperm at its facility - the first time the service has been made available in the city.

Wenzhong said dozens of young and middle-aged men have called for consultation after learning about the service in the Shanghai media.

According to clinic officials, most callers are in their 20s and 30s who don't want to have children presently, or plan to have a second child in the future - if the central government eliminates the restriction on family planning.

"The consultation phone calls reflect people's acceptance of our concept," said Tang Xiaohui, a Wenzhong official. "The service is like insurance. When men are young they can deposit good quality sperm and use it later."

While some experts have challenged the success of impregnating a women by using sperm that has been stored long term, Wenzhong said they will make it clear that storing sperm can not guarantee a baby.

Stored sperm is kept in liquid nitrogen. A physical exam costs 2,500 (US$301) to 3,000 yuan at the clinic and the annual sperm storage fee is 200 yuan.

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