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US may be the biggest loser
raymondusa  Updated: 2004-10-21 09:15

Iran may be the biggest winner and US may be the biggest loser in Iraq.

According to Amb. Joe Wilson, the two countries currently occupying Iraq is Iran and US. US occupy Iraq militarily, but Iran has great influence with the Shiite majority in Iraq, which is mostly in the southern region.

Iran and Iraq have fought wars against each other. It's no secret that Iran wanted to get rid of Saddam and control Iraq with its Shiite majority. But they couldn't do it themselves by war, so they hatched a better idea by using the neocons in the US government to do the dirty work. Since they understood the passion that drove these neocons, and were familiar with PNAC, they just told the neocons what they wanted to hear, that US would be greeted as liberators, and it would be a strategic pivot for US. When things started going wrong and not according to those early predictions, Chalabi was pressed for some answers, to which he replied in an evil smile and unapologetically said, "Well, you are in Baghdad". The implication was whether we told you bad intelligence or we just wanted the Americans to do the dirty work of removing Saddam, now that you are in Iraq, you better make the most of a bad situation. Unfortunately, the neocons were so narrowly focused on implementing PNAC that they became easy targets for the Iranian plan.

When you look at the Middle East press, everything happening now with the insurgents, etc. was predicted and sadly, it's almost unfolding like clockwork. Iran took the time to understand the neocons and PNAC, thereby using it against them. Iran told the neocons what they wanted to hear. The neocons convinced Bush to invade Iraq to remove Saddam. Saddam was removed with no Iranian blood, but with American blood. The insurgents continue to create hell to wear down the will of America, and remove any ideas of indefinite occupation. US will aim for Democratic elections in Iraq. The Shiite majority wins the democratic election by majority or plurality. Iran gets what they covet with Saddam gone and more control of Iraq via the Shiite majority. Iran didn't even need to go to war since they got US to do the dirty work. Iran has time on its side as each day the occupation goes on, the popular support for the war diminishes, and US becomes further politically isolated. How this will end depends on whether there will be a true Democratic election by popular vote with the Shiite winning by majority or plurality, or some caucus style election to diminish the influence of the Shiite majority. If Iran gets its wish, the end result will not be a western style democracy, but a theocracy.

Just for those people who don't understand the PNAC neocon influence. Neocons like Wolfy was trying to talk Daddy Bush into some of the activities described in PNAC, but Daddy Bush was too smart and rejected it. Then Wolfy tried again with Clinton, but Clinton was also too smart and rejected it. What started out in early 1990's, became the planning document and PNAC was officially born in 1997. The neocons sat and waited, and waited, and viola¡­¡­¡­enter the country bumpkin, Bush. The neocons also predicted in PNAC that they would need this generation's Pearl Harbor, in order for the people of the United States to allow them to hijack US foreign policy enough to start implementing PNAC. Well, that's exactly what the neocons got in 9/11. This was a dream come true for the neocons because they finally got their Pearl Harbor, and a President stupid enough to allow them to start implement PNAC. Sadly, it also looks like a dream come true for Iran too.

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