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Chirac: France-China cooperation to serve world
Updated: 2004-10-11 23:59

Taking humanism as the major topic of their dialogue, the cooperative relations between France and China will serve the world in the future, said French President Jacques Chirac in Beijing Monday.

In an address at the prestigious Tongji University in Shanghai, Chirac said France, the first country in the world to advocate " freedom, equality and humanism," sees humanism as the fundamental requirement raised by the World Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and also the basis of the French ethic. Respect for diversity is the basis for the rights and obligations of human beings, societies and nations.

When specifying the target of France-China cooperation, Chirac said that France and China share belief and wish in common for a just and peaceful world, stable economic development and a well- off life for their people. The diverse cultures of different ethnic groups should be respected.

 "We have a multilateral world," Chirac acknowledged. "France and China both positively stand for group action to obtain sustainable development, control large-scale epidemics, and fight against terrorism. They also focus on respect for cultural diversification in different ethnic groups, advocating for a peaceful and prosperous international rules within the framework of the United Nations."

 This year, on the 40th anniversary of the establishment of France-China diplomatic relations, Chirac is paying his third state visit to China since he assumed presidential post. Witnessing rapid and drastic changes in China by himself, Chirac said France-China cooperation has become closer and more friendly.

On the same day he visited Tongji, a France-China science and technology center and a research institute were established. Chirac said the France-China cooperative projects have reached the highest level in terms of human genome research, superconductor material, information technology and applied mathematics.

Speaking to more than 400 Chinese college students, Chirac presented them an invitation. He said France delivered 7,000 to 8, 000 visa to Chinese students who applied for overseas study in France every year, which cannot meet the demand. France is now preparing a service center for Chinese students, giving more beneficiary policies to Chinese overseas students.

Renown for his affection and profound love for the Oriental culture, Chirac tried to view the rapidly rising affluence of China in a historical perspective. In his eyes, China is now entering a new era of stability and prosperity.

Hoping to extend the French people's friendship to young people throughout China, Chirac said the French people will join hands with the people of China to meet challenges, in a spirit of mutual benefit and trust.

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