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Nations jointly monitor water quality
Updated: 2004-10-08 23:27

China and Russia have decided to jointly monitor environmental conditions on boundary rivers starting on February 2005, say sources with the environmental protection administration in Northeast China's Heilongjiang Province.

The two sides are expected to conduct a joint feasibility study on pollution prevention and control on Heilongjiang and Wusuli rivers and work together on a host of other environmental issues, say Chinese officials.

Beginning February 2005, the two countries will conduct three joint surveys on sections of the two boundary rivers and collect samples for independent monitoring in June and October, the officials say.

Meanwhile, China and Russia will set up a regular meeting mechanism to monitor the ecosystem in the border water as well as pollution control technologies used by enterprises along the two rivers.

The two countries have also agreed to map out a 2006-09 scheme for the joint survey, build a water quality evaluation system based on widely accepted international standards, work out scientific ways to sample and set up a quality assurance system to guide the laboratory work.

Russia has become concerned about the ecological protection and pollution of the Heilongjiang River basin, especially the water quality of Heilongjiang and Wusuli rivers.

China and Russia signed a joint memorandum in February 2002, and designated special departments to take charge of monitoring and improving water quality in boundary rivers. The two sides jointly monitored the two rivers eight times between 2002 and 2003.

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