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Open letter to President Hu Jintao
swwind  Updated: 2004-09-17 09:23

As a foreign guest in your country let me congratulate you for your timely speech in the 50th Anniversary of the NPC. It is high time that the present Leaders of this country recognised the "Dead End" that the imported solutions from the west may have on the future of this admirable nation that you preside. The problems of China can only be solved by the Chinese people. The solutions must be born right here despite the eventual need of external assistance from the international community as any other free country in the world is entitle. History has demonstrated many times the capacity of the Chinese nation to raise itself to the new challenges. In the last 55 years, through its many social and political reforms the Communist Party has served not only as a beacon to the Chinese people but also as an inspiration to the rest of world.

As we now witness the various new geo political manoeuvres by the west in the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan, it is absolutely critical that China stand up as an independent super power and lead the way on its own terms. Other nations that have conceded and implemented the western principles with "imported solutions" are already paying a very high price for their mistake.

At last I urge the President to carry on with his important socialist reforms looking deep into the country side and on the millions of peasants and migrants all across the land. As the "Masters of the Country" along side their countryman they deserve now the utmost attention from the Leaders and the Party. This Nation cannot have the present alarming divide between the "have and have not". All across the globe individuals who believe on the social basic right of everyone to a decent and dignified life are hopeful that China will demonstrate that a fairer society with opportunities to all man, woman and children is possible. That economic growth is attainable with a just and equitable distribution of wealth to all.

Yes, Mr President, there is other ways and solutions, and they are right here in this great land and within the admirable people and culture of China.

With my deep and utmost respect.

Yours truly,


The above content represents the view of the author only.
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