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Faye Wong is in love again
(City Weekend)
Updated: 2004-09-06 14:22

Wang Fei

The romantic trials and tribulations of rocker Wang Fei and toy boy pop rock star Nicolas Tse are not new to the pages of City Weekend.

Keeping up to date on this relationship is like tuning in and out of a prime time soap opera - there are just so many complications and controversies, that if you miss one, you all behind. Needless to say, this keeps the paparazzi busy, and the audiences amused.

But when Tse was seen with movie star Cecilia Cheng recently, all has gone silent on the Wang Fei front. She's chosen to retreat, proving that with age, come maturity.

Wang seems philosophical about life. Other than the Tse love affair, she's brought love into the limelight before with her relationship with Dou Wei, of then Blank Panther rock group, and their highly publicized separation. She's no stranger to the media prying its way into her personal life. So now that she's got herself a new lover, she's reveling in the fact that he's taken the paparazzi by storm. The mystery man: Li Yapeng (a TV soap actor).

The media had suspected a relationship brewing when he attended Wang's birthday party last year, but speculations were quickly dropped when rumors of Wang and Leon Lai (a Hong Kong singer also from Chinese Mainland originally) hit the newsstands.

But when Li Yapeng and Wang were photographed together at the Beijing International airport last month, a new love scandal made its way into the headlines. Wang exited the airport, walking towards an Audi in which Li was waiting, as driver of the car. The two then departed and headed to Li's Shunyi Villa, a few minutes from the airport.

When the paparazzi questioned the villa guards, they informed them that Li Yapeng lived there alone, but that his ex-girlfriend Zhou Xun (now famous for Suzhou Rive and Baobei in Love) used to visit often, but now she's been replaced with Wang Fei. "They come and go quite happily together," said one guard (sina.com).

The next day the couple is shot drinking coffee at the Lido Holiday Inn. In the photo they both are both laughing, and look quite relaxed, and seem aware of the photographer. In fact, the two have not been shy with the cameras, and are not denying their love. It is said that fans appreciate her honesty in the matter, when only two years ago she posed so confidently, hand in hand with rebel Tse.

With 35-year-old birthday coming, Wang Fei's love life has been a zigzag from Hong Dou (released from prison in August) to her ex-boyfriend and her daughter's father Dou Wei, to wild child Nicolas Tse. Of her past lovers, she says: "Since men are all playing game why not choose a handsome one?" (sina.com)

For a star of Wang Fei's status, her problem lies in the fact that she sometimes makes her partner feel inadequate. But opting to steer clear of massive competitiveness in a relationship, she chooses Li who is not in the same league as this Chinese mainland diva.

Even Zhou Xun thinks the match is a good one: "I hope this time they both find true love."