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Panda Peipei dies at age 33
Updated: 2004-08-26 11:04

33-year-old giant panda Pei Pei eats bamboo shoots in Hangzhou Zoo, east China's Zhejiang Province in this May 31, 2004 file photo. The zoo authorities announced Tuesday that Pei Pei, after living in the zoo for 30 years, died of age and internal organ failures on August 13. Experts say the average life span of giant pandas is 15 years. [newsphoto]

Pei Pei plays with a zookeeper in this May 31, 2004 file photo. [newsphoto]

Hangzhou residents walk past a picture of Pei Pei in the zoo August 24, 2004. They came to see Pei Pei but only learned that Pei Pei has died. [newsphoto]

Peipei, the eldest raised panda in the world, died at the age of 33 at a zoo in Hangzhou City, capital of eastern Zhejiang Province.

The zoo said Peipei died on August 13. Peipei's age was the equivalent of 100 in human years, and the panda's organs simply failed. Usually, a panda in the wild has an average life span of 13 years while those in captivity can usually live up to 20 years.

Peipei's body will be anatomized and studied, the zoo said.

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