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Singapore PM praised for one-China stance
By Jiang Zhuqing (China Daily)
Updated: 2004-08-25 21:53

Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong's recent stand against Taiwan independence got a cautious welcome from China.

Lee said Singapore's "one-China" policy, which defines Taiwan as part of China and opposes independence, would not change.

"We noticed Singapore's new leader has reiterated the stance of one China policy and to firmly oppose `Taiwan independence'," said Kong Quan, said China's Foreign Ministry spokesman.

"This accords with the interest of Singapore, reflects the common understanding of the international community and will benefit the peace and stability of this region," he added.

Lee's remarks came duringhis first policy speech last week. He become premier on August 12.

"If Taiwan goes for independence, Singapore will not recognize it. In fact, no Asian country will recognize it," he said.

Lee, embroiled in a spat with China over his visit to Taiwan last month, said he was "very worried by the growth of Taiwanese independent forces", claiming there was "a real risk of miscalculation and mishap" on the Taiwan Straits.

"China's position on Taiwan issue is clearcut," Kong said. "All the countries that established diplomatic relations with China should abide by the one China policy.''

He added: "We are firmly opposed to official exchanges in any form between the Taiwan authorities and the countries that have diplomatic relations with China."

On July 10, the then Singaporean Deputy Prime Minister Lee made his so-called unofficial visit to Taiwan, regardless of solemn representations repeatedly made by China. The Chinese Government expressed its strong dissatisfaction and protested .

When answering an inquiry about Yu Shyi-Kun, head of Taiwan's "Executive Yuan" force landing at Japan's airport due to the influence of a typhoon, Kong said China has expressed profound concern towards the issue.

"We strongly oppose the `Taiwan leaders,' by any pretext, to conduct political activities in countries that have diplomatic relations with China," he said.

The spokesman said China has demanded Japanese properly deal with the matter, strictly following the principles of Sino-Japanese joint communique and the promises Japan made on Taiwan issue.

Japanese media reports said Yu landed at a Japanese airport Wednesday after returning from the United States.

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