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Accessories depict your personal style
(Shenzhen Daily)
Updated: 2004-08-13 09:09

From bold and beautiful prints to luxury neutrals, you'll be spoiled by choices from a dazzling array of accessories this season. Read on for our guide to some of the popular offerings around.

Already visible in 2003, colored handbags will become usual again this year as bags of all colors from mauve to chartreuse provide chic statement looks to a more casually dressed consumer.

Many will focus on purchasing bags in the way they once did with more dressy clothes, developing a bag wardrobe for all occasions as this can be an instantly obvious status or brand symbol.

Trying to choose accessories for this season is like being in the best sweet shop in the world, with pockets bigger than the moon to fill.

Prettying it up in print

Bags will be embellished with butterflies, edelweiss, feathers, motor bike straps, stabbed with decorative brooches and finished with short shoulder chain straps. There is a pick-up on the floral trend with a jolly bag. (Note: Oversized handbags are big this year.)

Add a spotted silk neck-scarf for 1950s chic or bold plastic jewelry in rainbow colors for cheeky seaside cool. Shoes too, get stamped with flowers and tropical motifs.

Big on belts

Belts are important and not just for cinching-in those full retro skirts. A polished traveler vibe celebrates global style with ethnic beading and leather fringes. In this story, belts are slung around the hips. Layered crystal, beads, charm bracelets or hand-crafted gold create a laid back chic look.

Bags sport wild techno-prints or saucy colors - canary yellow and emerald green being the hero-hues of the season. The big shoe news is that wedges are back: stability and height, what a good idea. Otherwise, choose from hippy-flats, table-dancing mules, or battered cowboy boots.

Stay neutral

Less adventurous but just as hot right now is the neutral palette that profiles sporty tailoring. Flesh-pink and palest brown are punctuated with bright, white leather. Nippy bags (preferably with chain handles) bring a luxurious smartness and driving gloves do not look out of place. For a more earthy tone switch accessories to deepest brown, or turn to gold again for a bit of athletic glamour.

Revealing your personal style is what fashionĄ¯s all about. Accessories are the perfect vehicle for it. The enterprising companies in the fashion world have latched onto the mania for personalized products that can be emblazoned with a photo of your choosing.

Business look

If you are often on the way to negotiations or an important conference, you need something truly noble and formal to present a decent look. Brown, black and champagne are the dominating colors, while a delicate necklace or earrings will add your unique feminine charm on an official occasion.

Stylish look

For the trendsetters, they are always fashion savvy about decorating themselves to stand out on busy streets. You cannot afford to miss the rainbow-like hues such as orange, yellow, green and red. A fancy design of more complicated patterns and metal embellishment is a hot favorite.

Casual look

Nowadays more people are longing for a casual feel than ever. They seek a relaxing look outside of their busy work. Put your handbag away, choose a long handle bag to relieve your hands and wander the shopping malls. You can select a cute and even girlish hair clip and necklace to pass a carefree time, as you donĄ¯t have to worry about mismatching age and look.

Tourist look

Choose from leather or vinyl bags with a photo on both sides - it can be anything you like - so get creative. Landscapes look classy and will remind you of bygone travels. The bags themselves are worth writing home about. The perfect rectangle shapes with just-long-enough handles, they make stylish everyday bags or fabulous individual gifts.

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