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    Rare Bible fetches HK$850,000 at auction
Alfons Chan
2004-08-11 06:17

The Imperial Edition of the New Testament Bible, the centrepiece of the Exhibition of the Bible Ministry of the Churches in China, fetched HK$850,000 in an auction yesterday afternoon.

The money will be donated to the Chinese University of Hong Kong's Faculty of Medicine for research on SARS and other infectious diseases.

Ms Lee, a local citizen who acquired the rare Bible, said she was pleased with the purchase. She was speaking at a banquet held yesterday to mark the closing of the six-day exhibition.

China's head bishop Ding Guangxun said the event was a window that showcased the historic development and the continuing work of Chinese churches for the people of Hong Kong.

"There is still a lot of work to be done for the churches on the mainland, and this exhibition has helped to push forward spiritual education and the quality of Christians on the mainland. We are foreseeing a brighter future for Chinese Christians," he said.

President of the China Christian Council, the Reverend Cao Shengjie, announced that the first-time exhibition in Hong Kong was a rousing success.

"With more than 30,000 visitors in the past six days, along with the wide coverage of local media comprising the efforts of 240 local journalists, we can safely say that our exhibition was a great success, and the turnout far exceeded our expectations," Cao told local and mainland church leaders at the banquet last night.

She attributed the event's success to the grace of God and the support of local church groups and the SAR government.

"Many of the exhibition's visitors have travelled from abroad to Hong Kong, and the event would not be possible without the help of our brothers and sisters here," Cao said.

Meanwhile, many of the visitors gave their heartfelt responses in the comment book at the exhibition.

"From the photographs and exhibits, I have witnessed Chinese Christians' devotion to the Bible, and even those who are blind and illiterate are fervent in their search for God's word. I am deeply moved by their faith," wrote a visitor Kitty.

Another visitor, Karen, said she was touched by Chinese Christians' love of God.

"God loves the Chinese people, and I can see that many brothers and sisters in China love God. They have kept their faith and their love of God. May God bless them."

"We should treasure our Bibles, because not all believers have the privilege to own a complete Bible," wrote a visitor identified as Mr Wong.

(HK Edition 08/11/2004 page2)


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