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Typical Local Dishes and Delicacies
Updated: 2004-08-08 16:02

Typical local dishes and delicacies are various and special. Travellers could enjoy these dishes and delicacies in the famous food shops called "Hao Qing Xiang", "Wu Zai Tian" and "Huang Ze He". And travellers also could taste these dishes and delicacies in most of hotels and restaurants, and even in small eatery

Vegetable Dishes in Nan Pu Tuo
There are more than forty famous dishes in Nan Pu Tuo vegetable dishes, which are made of rice and four, bean, vegetables, mushrooms, agarics. These dishes pay great attention to the shape, colur and taste. Most of them are called by their shapes. Each dish has its special taste and has its elegant name.

White Sturgeon Preparations
Put red sturgeons to the pan, add a little salt, cook till water is dry and the shell becomes red. Take them out and cut them into pieces.

Stir-fry Sleeve-fish Preparations
Clean sleeve-fish and steep into water for about one or two hours, remove and drain off the water. Cube the fish. Add winter bamboo shoots,scallion,tomatos,sugar, vinegar.Thicken the soup over the sleeve-fish. Ture over the fish in heated oil and then move it into a plate.

Fish with Cabbage

This dish is a traditional dish.
Preparations: Chop the fish into pieces; chop each cabbage into five pieces, deep-fry, move oil. Spread cabbage on bowl, add fish, ginger,salt, wine and soup. Stir for half an hour.

Braised Chicken
Preparations:Pick and clean a chicken, put mushrooms and hams into chicken. Put it on a plate and braise.

Stir-fry Upper Thread
You could only taste this dish in Xiamen. Preparations: Deep-fry till coffee colour and move oil. Put pork, fresh fish, mushrooms, bamboo shoots into the pan and stir-fry. Add soup and wine, MSG,
when the soup is boiled and mix upper thread into soup. Move into a plate.

Garlic Pancake
It is a famous Chinese delicacy. It is made of por, shrimp, fish, chufa and garlic. In most of time, it is the last dish at a dinner.

Stewed Pork Dumplings
The main materials to make this delicacy include sticky rice, pork, mushrooms dried shrimp, millet. Stir-fry these materials first and mix with soy, MSG and sachet. Tie up with bamboo leaf with diamond-shape. Cook in water till sticky rice tender.

Sipunculid Worm Jelly
Sipunculid Worm Jelly is the most typical dish in Xiamen delicacies. Sipunculid worm lives in sand.
Preparations: Clean sipunculid worm, braise in slow fire, put them in handleless cup separately and make them cool.

Fry Oyster
The main material of this dish is oyster. The oyster in Xiamen is very small. Fry oyster in Xiamen is delicate and delicious.

Upper Thread
Upper thread is a dish which cooks shrimps, mussel and other fresh seafood and noodle together. Heat control is very important in cooking this dish. Add duck blood and pork blood to this dish would be more delicious.

Peanut Soup
The material used into Peanut soup is very simply, but the way to cool need to pay great attention. The peanut soup in Huang Zhe He which locates in Zhong Shan Road tastes best.

Xiamen Pie
Xiamen Pie is a traditional food which has more than one hundred years history. The materials should be high-quality. The materials include lard, mung bean. To make the Xiamen Pies should be carefull. The most fomous Xiamen Pie should be Gulang Island Pies.

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