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Taiwan has plan to attack mainland - local media
Updated: 2004-07-06 11:23

After the "Ministry of National Defense" denied reports of US suggest to attack the Three Gorges dam, Taiwan military confirmed for the first time on July 2 that the island indeed had plan to attack the mainland in case of war.

Quoting related military officers from the "Defense Ministry", Taiwan-based China Times said that aimed at "stopping enemy at the opposite shore and countering enemy's attacks", the Taiwan military authorities had planned to use fighters, submarines and missiles to defend itself and attack enemy's transportation lines, ports and airports.

The "Defense Ministry" side that the number of CPC's conventional missiles had increased sharply from 500-odd last year to more than 600, and would reach 800 in two years. If a maximum of 150 missiles can be launched each time, then the PLA is capable of launching five waves of full-scale attacks lasting 10 hours. While the "Red Bird" series missiles, which are under research, are also capable of striking the island precisely from 500 kilometers away.

The "Defense Ministry" reportedly invited the press on July 2 for a special briefing on military purchase budget. It pointed out that PLA had set up at least five missile brigades. Missiles deployed in Leping, Jiangxi Province pose a threat to the core area in north Taiwan, those located in Yong'an and Xianyou of Fujian Province could attack the island's central and southern areas while those in Meizhou, Guangdong Province are targeting the south of Taiwan.

The island's current defense can hardly cope with all these threats. Regarding navy threats from PLA, local officers pointed out that the island is surrounded by international navigation routes with 600 to 900 ships, big or small, passing every day. Since most PLA ships are equipped with satellite communication and navigation systems, they can hide themselves and move about in the Taiwan Straits. The PLA could complete an under-water seal-off of the island as long as it could set up 12 to 16 sub patrol areas at the same time, Taiwan military decided. Meanwhile, PLA has been expanding its weaponry for all its ground, air and sea forces.

Facing the "threats from PLA", the "Defense Ministry" stressed that the most urgent task is to purchase subs, anti-sub aircraft and Patriot III. After gaining eight submarines, the island navy will deploy them in important ports, navigation routs and key sea areas to carry out navigation blockade, sea attack, mine laying and combat of special personnel.

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