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Heatwaves kill 39 in south China
Updated: 2004-07-05 08:46

Heatwaves in Guangzhou, a metropolis in south China, claimed 39 lives, mostly elderly persons with chronic diseases.

Temperature hit a record high at 39 degrees Celsius in this capital of south China's Guangdong Province on Thursday and Friday,according to provincial meteorological observatory station.

Thirty-nine persons died of diseases caused by heat before the ambulances arrived and the local first-aid center also received 100 patients in coma and 107 patients who reported feverish or dizzy symptoms, according to a staff with the center.

Among the dead, 27 were elder people with the oldest at 93 years old. The youngest is a man at 20.

"High temperature can be considered as a killer of elder persons," a doctor said, adding the bad weather may easily lead to heart failure and stroke.

Doctors advised local people, in particular the elderly, to avoid staying outdoors and drink more water via local media.

High temperatures also caused several cars get self-burning and firemen advised car-owners to equip with fire extinguishers.

Local media reported that a truck driver heard shouts from behind, asking him to stop. After he stopped the truck and found it burning at the bottom, the fire has moved towards the fuel tank.

The fire was extinguished and the cause of the accident was attributed to a newly repaired point at the bottom which got hot during driving and ignited oil filthy, a local newspaper said.

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