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Typhoon Mindulle kills 15 in Taiwan
Updated: 2004-07-04 11:22

The death toll caused by Typhoon Mindulle has risen to 15 with eight injured and nine missing, according to the latest statistics on Sunday morning.

Mindulle, the Korean word for dandelion, brought heavy rain to central and southern parts of Taiwan, an island province in southeast China, since July 1.

The southwest airflow, which was believed the strongest ever hitting Taiwan, has brought torrential rain. Many places in counties such as Gaoxiong, Jiayi, Nantou and Taizhong have received more than 1,000 millimeters of rainfall.

Mindulle has uprooted trees, swollen rivers, flowed seawater backward and caused mud-rock flow. The heavy rains also made 59 sections of roads collapsed. Nearly 80,000 households suffered from power blackout for a while.

Agricultural sector was among the worst victims with estimated losses to exceed 1 billion yuan (Taiwan currency), according to reports from local media.

Transportation to Ali Shan, a famous scenic mountain in central Taiwan, were suspended because of the fallen rocks and woods.

Influence of the southwest airflow would continue for three to four days upon the island, according to local meteorological department.

The strong tropical storm has landed Zhejiang province and its neighboring Shanghai municipality over the weekend.

The whole city of Shanghai has been on high flood alert and local people stayed indoor to watch the live broadcast of the tropical storm by a local TV station.

Mindulle was expected to begin fading away Sunday, according tothe weather forecast.

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