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  Zunyi meeting
Updated: 2004-06-25 15:25

At Zunyi a conference took place that would forever change the face of China. Mao emerged from the conference as the leader of the Communists Party and overall commander of the Red Army. Otto Braun was out. There was much change taking place. With Mao in command the men felt at ease. Now the men were told what they were doing and what was happening. The plan had been to forge to the north, join with He Long's Second Army group and cross the Yangzi River. Red Army intelligence reported that the KMT had 400,000 crack troops poised to block such an attempt. As the Red Army left Zunyi to the north Mao had about 35,000 troops including many he had just recently recruited. Now Mao changed course and the Red Army doubled back to the south and west.



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