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30,000 doctorate graduates join job hunting
Updated: 2004-06-22 15:04

High qualification had always been regarded as a promise of high earnings and good prospects. However, it is no longer true due to the puncture of high qualification bubble, graduates' job expectations, poor information flow and lack of support from the society.

After four years' expansion in recruitment, China now has some 120,000 doctor degree holders, third-placed in the world behind the United States and Germany, reported Guangming Daily. In 2001, China has awarded some 12,000 doctor degrees and the number has raised to 30,000 this year. By 2010, it is expected that 50,000 doctor degrees will be awarded.

However, after staying in the school for such a long time, these doctor degree graduates often feel difficult to fit into the society.

In the job market, it is also not surprising for the doctor degree holders to find themselves in the middle of nowhere, when they face the challenge of those technically well-trained fresh graduates and experienced veterans.

Besides, from the employers' point of view, experience has always been the major concern. Doctor degree holders may have good theoretical knowledge, but they often lack practical skills and work experiences. Moreover, these highly-qualified fellows usually require higher salaries and tend to switch for better offers. All these explain why doctor degree graduates have difficulty finding jobs.

Targeting is also a very common problem among the doctor degree graduates. While some of them lack a clear target, some other graduates tend to limit their choices to highly-rated governmental posts, big companies, or high-tech coperations. As a result, they miss a lot of job opportunities.

As work experience is more important than certificates, instead of waiting their chances to come, doctor degree graduates should first get a job and keep improving themselves, experts suggest. They should also lower their expectations and set reasonable targets when they seek for jobs. Above all, as long as the doctor degree holders can put aside their pride and willing to learn regardless the salary and job status, they should still have a bright future.

Some doctor degree students also complain that schools and society fail to provide enough information and help for them in job-hunting. For example, in recruitment exhibitions or on the Internet, there is rarely any information for doctor degree graduates; at the end of the day, they have no idea what job vacancy can they fill.

Insiders point out that while some professions which are saturated still get a large number of graduates every year, other fields with high demand can hardly find suitable employees. Therefore, concerning the mass number of graduates with high qualification in the future, high schools and universities should make sure that their curriculum can keep pace with the economic structural adjustment.

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