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Taking the sting out of sunburn
By Xu Xiaomin (Shanghai Star)
Updated: 2004-06-22 08:46

The word Spa comes from the Latin, "Solus-Par-Aqua Solus means healthy, Par means through and Aqua is water. So Spa means making one healthy through water.

There's a small town named Spa in Belgium where it was thought, in ancient times, anyone taking a bath in its waters would become healthy and beautiful.

Such bathing became popular again in Europe in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Some four years ago, another SPA became popular in Shanghai. With summer here, SPA is especially needed after being out in the sun, to soothe the body and skin.

To prepare for summer-wear of open-toe sandals and slippers, a "Foot Pedestal" is suggested - a 45-minute session of Peppermint Spritz followed by a cooling peppermint scrub, some mini-foot reflexology and a peppermint oil foot soaking with a head and shoulder massage.

And because one will be wearing sun dresses or short sleeves blouses with short skirts during summer, an Apple Polisher scrub for gentle exfoliation with natural fruit enzymes and sweet honey is also recommended.

Banyantree SPA offers a two-hour water session which is perfect for dry skin, the Apple Polisher exfoliates while the honey acts as a humectant to moisturize the skin.

The gentle and relaxing Essence of Earth Massage is then applied using the natural potency of essential oils to enhance both physical and mental well being, while nourishing the skin.

For sunburned skin or after exposure to strong sunshine, experts recommend a Swedish massage with Oil of Frankincense, blended with geranium and calming lavender.

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