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China tops the world in attracting investment
Updated: 2004-06-07 15:56

As learned from the Ministry of Commerce, the United Nation Trade and Development Organization recently released the latest results of Global Investment Prospect Assessment (GIPA) and China is still deemed the most attractive investment destination in the world.

Zhan Xiaoning, the founder of GIPA who is also in charge of the program, said the UN Trade and Development Conference surveyed 335 large multinational companies from developed, developing and the mid-east European countries and made analysis study on the basis of feedback information and data.
According to this report the destination selection of foreign direct investment showed some new trends. China topped the world in attracting investment. Brazil ranked the second followed by Poland and South Africa. None of the top five best investment destinations were developed countries.

The function shift of multinational companies was apparent. Processing production was the most likely function of multinational companies to be transferred overseas. The next were distribution and logistic support. Investment means showed trend of diversification. Merge and acquisition, new construction and other means including franchised business or strategic alliance would be the mean methods used by multinationals in making expansion investment.

Zhan Xiaoning said the report shows that multinational companies are very optimistic about the investment prospect in Asia-Pacific regions. Nearly three fifths of the surveyed companies believed foreign direct investment in Asia would increase in short term and China was deemed the most competitive in attracting investment in Asia or even the world.

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