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College students optimistic about gov't: survey
Updated: 2004-06-04 09:06

Most Chinese college students agree with the government's policies and are optimistic about China's future, says a bysurvey released  the Ministry of Education Wednesday.

The survey shows that most college students in China are in good and healthy state of mind and they have a strong impetus to pursue better development.

Most of the college students surveyed agreed that the present state leaders are trustworthy and resolute in making decisions. In their mind, the leadership collective is very close to its people and thinks from people's view.

Apart from self-development, college students are much concerned about issues of the country's development, including corruption, conflicts brought by imbalanced regional economic development, employment and rural development. The young people also care about China's political system reform and believe it is a step-by-step procedure.

Ninety-six percent of the students agree with the concept of coordinated and sustainable development, proposed by the Communist Party of China last year, and 95 percent of the college students are optimistic about the promotion of China's status in the international community.

Compared with the past, modern young people have a strong sense of competition and rights protection and believe self development mainly relies on individual ability and self struggle, says the survey.

The survey indicates that most of the students are satisfied with the teachers' moral qualities but say the teachers' innovative ability is low. They have an urgent need for quickening reform of teaching in higher educational institutes, says the survey.

College students are considered the most active part of society and, in some extent, their state of mind tells the state of the society.

This is the 13th survey conducted by the Ministry of Education on college students' state of mind. It collected approximately 15,100 questionnaires from 75 colleges in eight provinces and municipalities.

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