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3 new acts take effect in capital
(China Daily)
Updated: 2004-05-31 22:04

Three new regulations have been passed and will take effect starting Tuesday in the capital, covering a number of issues ranging from aircraft standards and urban railway safety to the quality of pork in the city's markets.

The aircraft guidelines scheduled to take effect today will simplify procedures for the operation of small aircraft in Beijing.

Licences for flying of light aircraft, categorized as weighing no more than 116 kilograms, do not need special approval as in the past but can simply be registered through routine procedures, according to the regulation.

That means that small aircraft do not require the same approval paperwork as larger aircraft. Large-scale aircraft for private use are required to pass specific criteria before being cleared for flying.

The regulation will also come into effect in other cities across the nation, according to a regulation by the Civil Aviation Administration of China.

Small aircraft include small planes, small helicopters, gliders, seaplanes and balloons.

But operators of any type of aircraft will still need to ask for routine permission for air space usage, sources said.

Also unlike small aircraft, large models are required to have operating handbooks drafted for them.

Meanwhile, two local regulations in Beijing that are closely related with the daily lives of residents will also go into effect today.

According to the Beijing Municipal Regulation over Safety Operations for Urban Railways, commercial stalls are being forbidden at subway stations over safety concerns.

Begging is not forbidden in the regulation, as had been previously set out in the original draft.

Nine types of behaviours were listed in the regulation as activities which could endanger the safe operations of urban railways.

They include stopping trains and entering tracks and tunnels without permission, as well as throwing objects at trains or other facilities in subway stations.

People who undertake these types of behaviour will be held criminally responsible according to public security administration regulations and the Criminal Law, the Beijing Star Daily reported.

In another development, pork that is not refrigerated during transportation from outside of Beijing will be forbidden for sale on the local markets of the capital city as of today, according to a notice to strengthen supervision over the pork sales to ensure good quality.

Examination facilities are required to be equipped at every pig slaughterhouse in Beijing to inspect whether growth hormones which will help result in more muscle, in the pork.

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