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Nation in dire need of senior enterprisers
Updated: 2004-05-30 11:12

Despite the fact that the shortage of general human resources have been substantially eased after years of governmental efforts, high level talents which can lead enterprises to survive and succeed are still badly in need in China.

According to experts, the situation could impose seriously negative impacts on Chinese enterprises' competitiveness on the international arena and their innovation capability, which has formed a bottleneck that stems Chinese enterprises from growing in leaps.

"The high level talents in enterprises remain far from enough to meet the nation's need and, to make things worse, the ages of most of these people are old," said Wang Tongxun, head of a human resources research institution under the Ministry of Personnel.

An early survey indicates that Shanghai alone would need more than ten thousand of senior enterprise managers. Another survey onmore than 1,000 Shanghai-based commercial group leaders shows thatover 90 per cent of them can't speak a foreign language and 75 per cent don't know how to use a computer.

As revealed in a paper by Pan Jinyun, vice president of the China Human Resources Development Research Association, high level specialists in China generally refer to entrepreneurs, sponsors' representatives, senior enterprise managers, senior engineers and technicians.

Among China's 60 million professionals, those with qualifications of associate professor or above are less than 5.5 percent. Researchers with doctorate in China's enterprise researchand development bodies count less than 10 percent, compared with the usual ratio of 60 percent in western countries.

And many core experts, including those who had acted as sub project leaders in some of China's innovation projects, have departed the country, according to an official with the science and technology ministry.

Most Chinese enterprises don't consider it of significance to train senior enterprise leaders, thinking that their posts are high enough and further training unnecessary.

"In reality, the case is opposite," said Pan, claiming that more efforts should be focused on training high level enterprise leaders.

"But anyway, we have all realized the problem, that's most important for and first step towards finding an ultimate solution," he said.

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