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S.Korean President Roh-the story so far
Updated: 2004-05-14 10:32

South Korea's Roh Moo-hyun was reinstated as the country's president on Friday when the Constitutional Court overturned parliament's vote to impeach him.

Roh had been in political limbo since the opposition-led parliament voted on March 12 to impeach him for breaking an election law, economic mismanagement and corruption among aides.

The court ruled these were not impeachable offenses.

Even before that vote, the 57-year-old former labour lawyer had had a turbulent first year in office.

Following is brief chronology of Roh's climb to the presidency and key points during his tenure so far" August 6, 1946 - Born near Kimhae, in southeastern Korea.

1975 - Passed the National Bar Examination after years of self study and without college education

1987 - Arrested and suspended as lawyer in connection with illegal shipyard strike

1988 - Elected to National Assembly from Pusan, the country's second-largest city; served one term and lost re-election bid as well as 1995 bid for Pusan mayor and 1996 parliamentary race.

1998 - Elected to National Assembly in a by-election in Seoul.

2000-2001 - Served seven months as minister of maritime affairs and fisheries under president Kim Dae-jung.

May 2002 - Wins primary race to become presidential candidate of the Millennium Democratic Party.

December 2002 - Elected president, first South Korean leader to be born after World War Two

February 2003 - Inaugurated for single, five-year term. Visits the United States, Japan and China in first five months in office.

May 2003 - Surprises country with remark that he had lost confidence in ability to do his job.

October 2003 - After revelations a close aide received secret cash from businessmen, proposes a referendum to test his mandate, saying he would step down if he lost. Later acknowledges such a poll not legally permissable.

December 2003 - As illicit political funding scandal deepens, vows to resign if his campaign found to have received more than one-tenth of the amount of secret cash taken by the opposition.

February 24, 2004 - Says to do everything legally permissible to help the pro-Roh Uri Party win April 15 parliamentary election.

March 4, 2004 - National Election Commission rules remark violates clause in election law that requires public officials to maintain political neutrality in elections.

March 12, 2004 - Impeached by opposition-controlled parliament, which cites the National Election Commission ruling and accuses Roh of incompetence and complicity in aides' corruption scandals.

April 15, 2004 - Parliamentary election delivers majority to the pro-Roh Uri Party in what was read as popular rejection of the impeachment. 

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