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Olympic projects vying for worldwide funds
(China Daily)
Updated: 2004-04-19 09:17

In the 30 Olympic fields and buildings where competitions will take place, 15 will be new ones and 11 will be rebuilt and extended, with four being temporary fields and buildings.

The investment of these fields is expected to total US$2 billion.

It is estimated that no more than 10 per cent of the capital will be paid by the Beijing Olympics Organizing Committee.

The remainder will bring great commercial opportunities for investors.

Furthermore, 59 training fields and buildings need to be renovated.

And the relevant facilities such as the wood park, meeting centre, the Olympic villages and the reporters' village, also require more investment.

The full construction of the Beijing Olympic fields, buildings and relevant facilities will also promote the full development of the financial, manufacturing, building materials, equipment, technological and environmental protection industries.

Public tenders will be invited for the Olympic fields and buildings.

Investors will gain high economic returns from financing, investment and construction management.

The government will adopt transfer of the use rights of 30 years to encourage enterprises to take part in the construction of fields and buildings.

The Beijing municipal government will provide related policy support, including policies for the construction of fields and buildings, preferential policies in land use, credit discount and allowances.

The construction of 30 Olympic fields and buildings and the renovation of 59 training fields and buildings and the construction of the relevant facilities and infrastructure inside and outside the central Olympics Village will bring great development opportunities to the related companies, especially companies with strong competitiveness in terms of contract projects.

Large fields, buildings and municipal construction projects require a large amount of building materials and equipment.

With the full development of Olympic construction projects, the building materials and equipment will be developed, mainly in terms of building and decoration materials, electric and machinery equipment, low-voltage electric equipment and landscape equipment, stadium seating, air-conditioning equipment, electronic recording equipment and special apparatus.

In the construction of the Olympic projects, the building materials and the equipment of environmental protection are important content in realizing the ideal of a "Green Olympics."

The Organizing Committee of the Beijing Olympics clarifies the environment protection requirements for the Olympic project constructions, the protection of the water environment and has specified the detailed regulations on the energy conservation and clear energy supply, green building materials, landscape design and afforestation.

The environment protection enterprises will exploit its unique advantages in Olympic project construction.

"High-tech Olympics" is one of the three ideals for Beijing to host the 2008 Olympic Games.

Beijing will adopt state-of-the-art technology during the construction of the fields and buildings.

New technological breakthroughs in fields and buildings constructions, the use of required hardware and software equipment such as large screen displays, services, timing and score recording system, performance process systems and, system integration and security system.

All of them will make the Olympic constructions gradually become the showcase for the high-tech enterprises.

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