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Xinjiang enjoys stability and development
Updated: 2004-04-12 23:06

There have been no blasts or assassination incidents in northwestern China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region over recent years, according to a news conference held in Beijing on Monday.

The current security situation in this region is "very good", said Simayi Teliwardi, chairman of the Xinjiang autonomous region,at a press conference held by the State Council Information Office in Beijing.

In early the 1990s, with the support of international terrorists, a handful of violent terrorists hatched up and engineered a number of violent incidents in Xinjiang, seriously jeopardizing the lives and property of all ethnicities and social stability in this region.

"The activities are firmly opposed and consciously boycotted by all Chinese people including locals of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang," said the chairman. "Like a rat running across the street, terrorism is loathed by everybody there."

The Chinese government opposes terrorism in any form, and supports the relevant resolutions adopted by the United Nations' General Assembly and the Security Council, and all efforts to fight against terrorism.

China has cracked down on separatist schemes by a few violent terrorists and is in firm opposition to any illegal activities in the name of religion, so as to safeguard the local people's fundamental interests and sustain sound and stable social environment in the region.

"The more the local residents benefit from social stability and economic growth, the more they resolutely and consciously fight against terrorism," said the chairman.

In 2003, Xinjiang gross domestic product (GDP) rose by 10.8 percent from the previous year to 187.5 billion yuan (about 22.6 billion US dollars) with an annual income of 2,000 yuan (some 240 US dollars) per capita, while more than two million students enjoyed free education and 370,000 local people found employment or reemployment.

"Their evil conspiracy of separating the motherland and undermining the stability of Xinjiang will never succeed," the regional chairman said.

"For the economic growth promoted the social stability and, in turn, the unity of nationalities will create a very sound environment for economic development," said the chairman.

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