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  New film chronicles Long March years
Updated: 2004-04-08 15:58

This year is the 17th anniversary of the Chinese Red Army's Long March. To commemorate the occasion, a new film titled "The Stirring Years" is being released.

The main character of "The Stirring Years" is an old bronze matchbox. The real matchbox was witness to a tumultuous era of Chinese history, and the film's story is inspired by it.

After coming into possession of the matchbox by chance, the screenwriter of the film, Bai Jianguo, decided to bring the true story to the big screen.

Bai Jianguo, screenwriter, said, "In 1975, I joined the Army and went to the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau, and I came across an elderly woman. She pulled out some old clothes from a suitcase and showed me a bronze matchbox taken from one of the pockets. Then she told me a story which moved me, and inspired me to write the film."

The matchbox in the film is the same one the old woman showed the screenwriter over 25 years ago. The producers believe "The Stirring Years" will give audiences a greater understanding of the era. The movie was filmed in Ruijin City, of Southern China's Jiangxi Province, also the starting point of the Long March. The premiere in Ruijin city brought cheers from the audience.



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