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Springtime sex in spotlight
(Beijing Weekend)
Updated: 2004-04-02 09:18

I've heard ordinary people say that making love too often can have an adverse impact on the health. I would like to know from an expert point of view if there is any truth in this.

Ma Xiaonian, Western medicine doctor, Beijing Yuquan Hospital:

To say that making love is harmful to health is not true. There is also no regulation as to how frequently one should make love, as long as people are healthy.

In ancient China, people didn't understand much about the composition of semen, which made them exaggerate its function.

Modern science thinks there is nothing particular about semen. It is not necessary to make love-making and losing semen sound so terrifying.

But if you feel so tired the next morning that you cannot get up, then maybe that is a little too much.

There seems to be some sense in the saying that people make love more in spring. But there are no statistics showing an increase of hormones in the body in the season.

Xu Wenbin, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) doctor with the Hope Institute of TCM:

Of course too much lovemaking will have an adverse impact on one's health.

What is lost is qi, energy in three organs involved in the process: the heart, liver and the kidneys.

When one makes love, first their mind (heart) is touched. Then the liver as an emergency organ sends the blood needed to the genitals. Finally the kidneys provide the semen and energy needed for ejaculation.

The jing ancient Chinese doctors talk about is not semen but a concept referring to all the minute materials consumed during lovemaking. It helps with the growth of the body, nurtures the mind and can produce offspring. To save it is good for health.

TCM advocates a balance between lovemaking and good health.

One can make love more frequently in spring because the season corresponds to the liver, which makes one feel more horny than usual.

The proper amount of lovemaking will freshen you up and make you feel good the next morning. But too much lovemaking will affect your spirit and may make you feel sore.

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