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Charity groups called to help poor with medicare
(China Daily)
Updated: 2004-03-24 01:15

Many poor families in this city, capital of South China's Guangdong Province, still have a difficult time seeing a doctor.

Yin Jie, a deputy to Guangzhou People's Congress, plans to propose that charity organizations play a bigger role in helping solve the problem.

Yin plans to put forward the proposal at the second plenary session of the 12th Guangzhou People's Congress, which opens today.

The lowest income level for help from the social security system in Guangzhou is 510 yuan (US$62) a month per person, and the lowest level for life insurance is 300 yuan (US$36) a month per person.

The standard of living in the province and the price for medical care are both rising, but there are still many people whose monthly income is lower than the minimum.

Most of these people can't afford medical insurance.

To ensure the people whose income is lower than the minimum can see a doctor when the need arises, the government gives a subsidy of 42 yuan (US$5) a month per person.

In case of a serious sickness that requires hospitalization, the government provides a lump-sum grant of up to 50,000 yuan (US$6,024).

However, the government policy does not make allowances for every low-income resident.

Yin Jie, also chief of News Department of Guangzhou Television Station, said she wants to propose charity organizations help the government give these people a helping hand.

She said she hopes charity organizations set up a medical fund to help people in need.

"I wish the strength of society can give a hand to poor people and ease the burden of the government," said Yin.

Charity organizations that can offer help relating to medical care in Guangzhou include the Guangzhou Charity Federation and the Red Cross of Guangzhou. These organizations raise funds from social donation.

Officials from the Guangzhou Charity Federation said the organizations hold activities or parties to initiate people to donate every year.

Yin Jie said donations are not common in the city. Donations from rich people are rarely received.

Yin Jie said she hoped "very much" that more charitable rich people will make their presence known in Guangzhou so that the charity organizations can raise the money to help more poor people.

"The initial purpose of my proposal is to appeal to the charity organizations to help poor and weak groups of people with more money and lead the masses to pay more attention to them." said Yin.

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