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Flawed automobiles recall system unveiled
Updated: 2004-03-16 09:28

China on Monday announced management regulations on the recall of flawed automobile products, the first step the country has taken to push forward the recall system to deal with unqualified goods.

According to the regulations, to take effect October 1, if automobile owners or users find any flaw in their vehicles, they can inform and make complaints to relevant departments as well as the automobiles' manufacturers, distributors and importers, and even may put forward suggestions to relevant departments to investigate recalling the vehicles.

A worker gives a new car a thorough examination outside an auto shop in Nanjing, capital of East China's Jiangsu Province. [newsphoto] 
If the automobile producers attempt to cover up or not report the flaws, relevant departments can urge them to recall their goods, publicize their misconduct to the public, and impose a fine on them, according to the regulations.

China's State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (SAQSIQ )is responsible for organizing and managing the recall system.

Automobile owners and users may make complaints online at www. aqsiq.gov.cn and www.qiche365.org.cn, or e-mail their complaints to "Zhaohui@qiche.365.org.cn," administrations sources said.

An official from the administration said the recall system will well protect the consumers' interests and help automobile makers to improve the quality of their goods.

The recall system for flawed automobiles is dedicated to forcing the automobile makers and importers to remove the flaws that may cause injury or economic loss by way of repairing, changing parts or taking back whole vehicles.

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