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Beefcake competition held
Updated: 2004-03-15 08:46

What's good for the ugly goose is also good for the unattractive gander.

Thirty young men competed over the weekend for the chance to receive 300,000 yuan (US$6,145) in free plastic surgery.

Shanghai Kinway Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Center, which sculpted the city's first man-made female beauty three months ago, wants to prove that face-lifts and tummy tucks aren't just for women any more.

"With Shanghai becoming more open and people accepting face-lifts, men also can seek beauty and enhance their confidence and improve the appearance through plastic surgery," said Dr Zhang Wei, Kinway's director. "As our plan is to create some kind of a model-style man, we are choosing the ones with snubbed noses and small eyes but no obvious facial defects."

The clinic began advertising for candidates a month ago, calling for men taller than 1.75 meters, between the ages of 18 and 25 and with a college background to join the competition.

Yesterday, the center picked three candidates for its short list.

"We should conduct a physical check and further discussion on deciding which one will receive the surgeries," said Zhang. "The lucky dog will be chosen soon and a work plan will be settled down within this week."

"I hope the move can change my life and future, as I have long desired to join the entertainment industry," said Liu Tao, 24, one of the three chosen candidates. "In addition to the new face and figure after the surgeries, the regular exposure in the media will also be helpful."

"I have tried to be an actor. It is pitiful not to be selected," said Cai Feifei, who hasn't been pleased with his face since he broke his nose in an accident.

After the clinic performed free plastic surgery on Zhang Di in December, the woman received lots of attention from the media and has become part of Kinway's advertising campaign.

Sociologists say the trend shows the hospital and participants just want to attract attention for themselves.

"With the competition in medical industry becomes more fierce, hospitals are trying their best to attract people's attention, including the so-called project for a man-made handsome guy," said Zhang Youde, a sociologist from Shanghai University. "Moreover, such move may overwhelmingly emphasize the importance of superficial beauty, instead of inner qualities."

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